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Naturest Mattress Topper or Demo Pad Cover KC0001


The covers are made out of a washable, breathable, waterproof fabric that is soft to the touch, and has the waterproof coating on the back side. I have a beige to a light tan, medium blue , , white,medium blue,. Protects your topper and demo pad whether you are rolling out clients on the floor, loaning them out, or using on your bed. Washes in the washer, but I recommend air drying, as the heat in some dryers could melt the front to the back which wouldn't be good. I don't carry as many colors as before, as demand isn't as great. The price is $49.00 each.Update of colors 5-19-15.






Price: $49.00




Naturest Mattress Topper or Demo Pad Cover



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