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Stabilizer Board for Seat Back CHM0004


 Many distributors like the new KenkoSeat II, but said it wants to flop over quite often where you need to straighten it up before sitting down on it again, so I have had a stiff plastic insert made especially to slide into the back of the seat through the 8 inch zipper and is 23 inches long, big enough to hold the back upright and yet is completely covered from view. Price is $11.00 each.

 I have shipped three of these stabilizer boards out this past week. They weigh approximately one pound so by the time I package them in heavy cardboard, the one with two in it cost $7.87 going to Nevada, and the one with one cost $6.99 going to Colorado. Pay Pal doesn't allow this much postage in the total price of the product, so I have been paying the extra. People have been satisfied with this product as it does keep the seat upright. Thank you.

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