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ULTREX Seat Cover Waterproof/breathable USC0001


ULTREX or Weathertek covers are made of comfortable waterproof/breathable fabric. Fabric is 100% supplex nylon and backed with a waterproof film. Easy to wash and air dry. Some have a thin plastic-like backing and I suggest air dry as some dryers get rather hot and don't want to damage this.People really like these seat covers, as if you spill something on them, you can just wipe it off, without it soaking into the seat.? They work great in SUV's where alot of people eat or children eat in the car, and are spilling drinks, ketchup, and french fries.? This cover will protect your seat. KenkoSeat II,& King Size - (18"x42") is $45.00. I have listed the colors as navy, beige, white, black, medium blue, tan, and darker grey.

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